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Stancombe Research & Planning is an advanced marketing and social research agency with international scope and regional focus.

We are a team of forward thinking individuals who are talented, inspired, "switched on", senior and very experienced.

Our approaches are always bespoke, designed from scratch to suit our clients’ specific business issues. We don’t believe in “black box” solutions; every brand, product or service is unique. One solution doesn’t fit all.

Of course we base our approaches on the latest and best qualitative and quantitative methods. We build these methods from our extensive base of social, psychological and cultural understanding of people.  We remain up-to-date on current thinking and research methodologies (but that goes without saying).

We are passionate about brands and what makes people "tick", be they consumers, employees or stakeholders.  For us, research allows us to discover, make sense of and sometimes measure those insightful gems that provide the direction our clients need.

Our aim is to inspire through insights.