Working Here

Can I work at Stancombe? The short answer is "yes"! But, you must be switched on, experienced, a strategic thinker, inventive and obviously great with people from all walks of life and good at what we all do.

We generally only employ consultants who have more than 5 years marketing research agency or advertising planning experience. And then there are the exceptions. Yes, forensic psychologists, discourse analysts or anthropologists, neuroscientists, advanced statisticians or professionals from any relevant walk of life might be exactly who we need.

You will have to be prepared to be based in Sydney, Australia. And you’ll be working with forward thinking people who love brands and enjoy the discovery of fresh insights and ideas. We aim to inspire.

We are all experienced in either strategic marketing research, psychology, semiotics, media studies, sociology, planning or some other leftfield and beautifully relevant field of endeavour. These varied backgrounds enable us think in new and incisive ways to assist with cracking the best approaches and finding the way forward for our clients.