Global View

Stancombe is a local agency with a strong global perspective. Being global and contextual in our thinking underpins everything we do.

Our researchers are constantly scouring the globe for new and interesting social commentary, cultural shifts and research techniques coming out of Europe, Asia, the US or wherever. In an increasingly connected world, we strongly believe that no market operates in isolation, and our approach reflects this.

We work for clients based in a variety of countries and are often called upon to coordinate regional and global studies. Certainly not coincidentally, researchers at Stancombe hail from all corners of the globe. Well, not quite, but they’ve certainly travelled almost everywhere and worked in a rich mix of diverse markets.

Our researchers are regular presenters at international (as well as local) marketing and market research conferences.

We take pride in demonstrating the best in innovative Aussie and global thinking.

For our clients, this global view means we are constantly drawing from the latest thinking in research, marketing and beyond, wherever those ideas emerge from.

If you want a flavour of our perspective on the world, give us a call and have a chat with us.