The research team at Stancombe is highly experienced with all consultants generally having a minimum of 5 years in the industry and in some cases up to … we won’t say!

Our team comes from a pretty eclectic range of backgrounds. Social work, marketing, advertising planning, human resources, etc. You name it, we’ve probably tried it! We think this creates a healthy mix of perspectives and techniques, which adds considerably to our collective abilities.

All our researchers/planners share one common characteristic; we are passionate about understanding people and their motivations for doing what they do. We are all avid brand connoisseurs and keen commentators on the latest advertising campaigns or media strategies. A visit to the local mall takes on far greater significance for our team than for the average shopper. Product mix, shelving strategy, signage, point of sale, customer service and cross sell are all things we notice and talk about! New campaign or brand launches gets us chatting and delving to find out more.

For each client, we put together a team of consultants whose skills closely match the specific requirements of the brief. This team forms a dedicated unit who works closely on exceeding all expectations.

In certain circumstances, we draw on outside expertise to add greater richness to our understanding. This may mean working with a specialist in research amongst those from non-English speaking backgrounds, with the relevant language skills. It could mean involving a child psychologist in a particular tween research study. Or perhaps working alongside a prominent media commentator in looking at communications. We have a network of relationships with the very best experts in a range of highly varied fields, both here in Australia and around the world.

If you think you might fit into this environment and have the skills to perform, take a look at our working here section.